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The construction and development of communication networks is crucial for funn to improve the lives of the beneficiaries. We have worked since 2000 to strengthen relationships in causes and with organizations around the world. All the causes we support have a place in our hearts, for something we give them the importance of supporting such great organizations. Check out our scholarships and find out who we've funded.

Environmental Worker


Since 2000 we have created an impact in the lives of people around the world, thanks to the donations of our contributors. Our Scholarship for environmental monitoring was a success, since the beneficiaries were able to reinforce and expand their projection. We believe this is an important and worthwhile topic to address, and we are honored to be of assistance.

Female Scientist Using Microscope


fundn provides a large group of people and organizations with the possibility of improving their lives with our support. Our Laboratory Research Grant is the best representation of how much we care about giving back to the community. Our priority is to help those in need and benefit those who receive the scholarships with our support.

Young People - Meeting With Computers


Our contributions have been helping people all over the world for years. Our Student Scholarship is the only one of its kind and continues to benefit the lives of various people. We stay in touch with everyone involved in our scholarships; we have witnessed incredible stories coming from these people.

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